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Pictures To Die For

“Journalism at its very best.”

—Noel Young, former editor, The Sunday Mail(Glasgow)


“My God! We have James Bond working for us!”

—Michel Sola, picture editor Paris Match Magazine


“You are not just the James Bond of Journalism. You are also the Jason Bourne, Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes and maybe a dash of Columbo. A brilliant achievement.”

—John Wellington, managing editor, The Mail on Sunday, London

Chapter One

- Shooting at the Ford Hotel -

HE RAISED THE SHOTGUN and aimed it directly at my chest. I stood there motionless, waiting to die. I wasn’t going to be a news photographer after all. Just a few hours ago, life had seemed so promising. I drove my red Ford convertible to Bay and Melinda Streets in downtown Toronto one very cold and windy fall evening…

Chapter Four

- Trapped in a Sunken Submarine -

MOST PEOPLE IN MY time at Canadian Press Broadcast news liked to live quiet, relaxed lives. I wanted to take advantage of the job and its perks. RCN Ambush My boss received a call from the navy inviting me on a submarine exercise in the Atlantic, and he agreed. The navy must have been pleased with my Japan trip article…

Chapter Six

- Picture That Changed My Life -

SUDDENLY IT HAPPENED A second time. The little Brownie kicked out. Bam … I had the picture. I didn’t know it yet, but it would change and shape my entire life. I’d been freelancing for the Toronto Telegram for over a year and, since getting four pictures on the front page on my very first night, had been under the scrutiny and growing hatred of the staff photographers…

Chapter Twenty Five

- Inside the Ku Klux Klan -

“NOBODY KNOWS WHERE HE is,” said another uniformed cop disguised in a Klan hood. “He could just disappear.” They came for me at three in the morning. In a deserted parking lot behind my hotel in downtown Houston, my driver, an automatic pistol sticking out from his belt, blindfolded me and placed me in the backseat of an old, high-powered car…

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NewsMax Interview with Ron Laytner (Pictures To Die For)

Ron Laytner - My Life in 50 Pictures

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About The Author

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Ron Laytner

Ron Laytner began his photojournalism career at the Toronto Telegram and became a globe-trotting journalist for such publications as England’s Mail on Sunday, Paris Match, and Germany’s Stern magazine.

His photograph ‘The Brownie’ won the Canadian National Newspaper award (Canada’s Pulitzer) and later ran in LIFE magazine, then The Best of LIFE. It was featured at the New York World’s Fair and was eventually noted in the London Sunday Times as one of the greatest photographs ever taken.

He currently resides with his wife, Linda, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My Books

In Pictures to Die For, an award-winning adventure photojournalist shares amazing photographs and tales from his lifelong search for the world’s best stories.

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$ 19.99

    Money can buy everything. Robert A Maheu was the best former FBI counter intelligence spy that money could buy. And Howard Hughes bought him...

  • By Ron Laytner
  • ISBN-10: 1439226016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439226018

What Our Readers Say

  • My long-lost cousin apparently was never lost, he was busy traveling the world taking photos and saving up amazing stories, the very ones that appear in this book. It's hard to believe a person could pack so many adventures into one life! A very enjoyable read, even if I am biased in his favor."
    - Anson Laytner
    Family Member
  • "Enjoyed every word of it. Did I believe it all, not sure, but hope i do. What a life. What an adventure."
    - Mark South
    Amazon Customer Review
  • "A great read for the adventurous person- obviously this man led...Exciting book, full of adventure. A great read for the adventurous person- obviously this man led a very remarkable, exciting life and he brings you along with him in this book. I have already recommended it to several friends."
    - Tara
    Amazon Customer Review
  • "I couldn't put it down!"
    - Unknown
    Amazon Customer Review
  • "Excellent profile of an interesting person who has seen life on a fast track."
    - Unknown
    Amazon Customer Review
  • "Amazing...not just his courageous spirit and his journalistic and photographic talent. He is actually such a wonderful person that he took the time to both email me and talk to me personally on the phone just to answer my questions. He told me the background of his Pulitzer prize winning photo of the "Brownie" and his accomplishments in exposing the weakness of airline security as shown on the cover of the book. This book is the tale of the remarkable adventures of an extraordinary person."
    - Renaissanista
    Amazon Customer Review

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